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Dr Vibirsha Rajkumar


Dr Vibirsha Rajkumar is a Medical and a qualified Aesthetic Doctor, specialising in a range of facial aesthetics services and skin enhancing treatments.

Through her extensive training and specialisation dedicated to the field of aesthetics, she has a profound understanding of the human anatomy and physiology.

Meticulous in her approach, Dr Vibirsha takes each client on a bespoke journey to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Dr Vibirsha is highly experienced in providing a range of facial aesthetics services that include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and skin enhancing treatments.

Committed to the highest standards of care, Dr Vibirsha understands that Aesthetic medicine is a wonderful amalgamation of both art and science. She is focused on building a good rapport with her patients, treating them in a caring and safe manner whilst delivering exceptional results.