• How do I open a Laser Clinics UK clinic?

    By partnering with us! As a premium turn-key franchise, each new state-of-the-art clinic will come fully furnished, including IT set up, industry-leading equipment, and retail and professional stock – we make all those processes happen for you, leaving you to concentrate on training and the launch of your clinic. 

  • Why should I partner with Laser Clinics UK?

    Our unique 50/50 partnership model greatly reduces start-up costs as they are shared between you and Laser Clinics UK.

    Laser Clinics UK offers health and beauty franchise opportunities to talented and driven individuals who want to be part of an award-winning brand. Each new clinic comes fully furnished and complete with industry-leading equipment, retail and professional stock, and an IT setup. We also provide ongoing support and training to all franchisees to help them with their new responsibilities.

    Contact us for more info on how you can join the LCUK family.

  • What is the Laser Clinics UK franchise model?

    Our unique 50/50 partnership model greatly reduces start-up costs as they are shared between you and Laser Clinics UK. We both invest the same amount of money, and we share the profits 50/50 too.

  • How do I start my own laser hair removal business?

    There are just 6 steps to becoming a franchisee partner with Laser Clinics UK. Contact us today to find out more.

  • Do it yourself vs partnering with Laser Clinics UK

    With our franchise, you’re following a tried and tested business model and business plan that’s proven to work – it’s used by over 200 clinics globally, and dozens here in the UK, with excellent results.

    We know the marketing that works. We’ve got the systems to help you seamlessly run your clinic. You’ll get the power of the global market-leading brand behind your local business.

    And crucially, you’ll get our support from long before you open the doors, to the day you decide to sell your franchise.

    Joining LCUK means….

    • Brand awareness
    • Proven model
    • Comprehensive business support
    • Financial strength
    • National marketing strategies
    • Tailored local marketing campaigns
  • Is laser hair removal a good business?

    Described as a ‘powder-keg market’, laser hair removal and related aesthetics services are experiencing exceptional demand. The UK aesthetics and cosmetic surgery industry is estimated to be worth £3.6 billion, with non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including fillers and injectables (offered by Laser Clinics UK), accounting for 9 out of 10 procedures.

    We see the UK market as around 5 years behind the Australian one, where laser hair removal is now the norm and waxing is increasingly uncommon.

  • How profitable is a laser clinic business?

    Owning a franchise in the health and beauty industry is a good decision mainly because there is a large market for aesthetic treatments. Each Laser Clinics franchise performance will vary depending on a range of factors such as:

    • Location, size of the market, and clinic
    • Competition in the area
    • The ability of the franchisee and team to drive performance

    We’ll run through detailed financial models with you as part of the process of becoming a Laser Clinics UK franchise partner.